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YogaShape - Athletic Fitness Yoga to Get You Fit

The YogaShape Method is great for your mind, body, and soul.    Join us for an hour of YogaShape created by Sam Grout.  The YogaShape Method is a Hatha style yoga class infused with pilates and strength training movements to help shape and tone your body.  All ages and abilities welcome. I am also available for private zoom classes and one on one classes as well as Kids Classes.

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The YogaShape Method created by Sam Grout is a series of athletic yoga poses and mat pilates moves that are designed to make you sweat.  It is a bit faster paced athletic style yoga class versus most yoga classes that hold the poses for a long time.  We only hold each pose for 6-8 breaths. 

No chanting, no religious overtones, just plain fun!

Great relaxing music and a soothing environment, the beach.  What gets better than that?

YogaShape combines ancient Hatha Yoga with modern fitness movements and safety guidelines in order to provide you a great class and workout in an exquisite setting.

You will become more toned, more flexible, and increase your range of motion. Not to mention, you will have fun during class and leave feeling relaxed, refreshed, and focused.  What are you waiting for? Have Fun, Get Fit, Tone Your Body!



  •     Get in shape

  •     Relieve stress

  •     Eliminate low back pain

  •     Tone your body

  •     Increase your flexibility

  •     Improve your range of motion

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Absolutely.  All classes are great for beginners and those that are more advanced can take the poses to deeper levels according to their fitness ability.

Find a quiet spot in your home.  Please get a mat, bottled water and have a hand towel and a blanket.   Get ready to have fun.  If you have any additional questions please give me a call.

Drop in's welcome. Classes are donations based most people pay $15- $20 each.

Currently we are NOT streaming any live classes on Facebook or Zoom. Please go to our YouTube Channel and check out our 30+ FREE classes from beg to advanced yoga classes.

More classes being added to our schedule. 

Donations always welcome and graciously accepted. 

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Typically people would pay:

Drop In Class: $15-$20 per drop in class

All donations will be graciously accepted and a huge thank you to those who can help out.

We also host national and local yoga festivals called Yoga Fun Day.  


Sam Grout is the Founder of  Yoga Fun Day  – a family-friendly wellness and yoga festival for all ages and abilities held in beach towns across the US.  


Yoga Fun Day Miami.  We had over 30+ classes, 60+ Vendors and two sound stages in South Florida. Stay tuned for 2022 dates dropping soon. 

Outdoor Women's Retreats coming soon.  Join us on our Yoga Retreats and Outdoor Adventure Weekends in Vermont, Dominica Republic and the beautiful Florida Keys!

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