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ONLINE CLASSES - Check out our YouTube Channel for classes. Taking a break from streaming to Facebook. Stay tuned for new class schedule via Zoom.
The YogaShape Method (Beg Class)
FRI 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM EST. Live and in person in Marathon, Florida. (60 min)
More classes being added soon.

Donations always welcome and graciously accepted. 

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Right now we are streaming donation based classes!  We recommend $10-$20 per class.  Please note if you are attending a live class and we don't have sound we have a library of yoga classes on our YouTube channel and recommend going there in case of a technical glitch.
Drop-In or Watch Online. Streaming from FB. 


Class Descriptions:

YogaShape: The YogaShape Method is based on traditional Hatha yoga with Pilates moves infused into the class.  We also focus on working our glutes and abs in every class.  This class is set to music. 


The YogaShape Method is an athletic faster-paced workout than traditional slow-paced yoga classes.  We hold the poses for approximately five to eight deep breaths and move and flow with each sequence of stretches.  


The YogaShape Method focuses on stretching, balancing, and helps you become more toned and flexible.  YogaShape will get you in shape as it works your entire body and we target those trouble areas like abs, glutes, and thighs. 

YogaShape is also great for improving low back pain.  In fact, in many cases, it eliminates low back pain. 



Each class is app 60 minutes. Drop in anytime, join us or just watch. Donations graciously accepted.